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Rudisa was founded in 1975 by Mr. Dilipkoemar Sardjoe, who transformed the company into one of the strongest and largest conglomerates in Suriname. He has single-handedly broken many of the monopolies in Suriname’s economic history. He developed prestigious brands both in Suriname, Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Antigua and the Netherlands. Some of which include Thrill®, More®, Prolife®, Prochoice®, Crysla®, Diamond Blue®, Blue Life® etc. Through the years Rudisa has transformed itself into the FIRST Surinamese multinational and distinguishes itself by delivering various consumer goods and services.  
  • Rudisa is a large scale producer/ supplier. Through multi-channel retailing, that is the choice of various distribution channels and the possible combination of them, the company can meet consumer demand. Rudisa appeals to consumers by keeping its products up-to-date and offering various brands.
  • Being inspired by Dilip Sardjoe, the hands-on Rudisa companies can regard themselves as the most successful, stable and innovative organizations within and outside the Caricom.