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From a newspaper that no one acknowledged once upon a time, Times of Suriname has now become the most widely read newspaper in Suriname. Times of Suriname was founded in December 2003. Within seven years, the circulation of the newspaper rose from 5000 to 38,000 copies per day. Times is a newspaper with its own distinct style.

In 2004, the morning paper underwent a heavy blow and was forced to shut down operations for about two months, due to circumstances. It was clearly an Identity Crisis! Once the layout of the newspaper was changed and its own identity was formed, Times returned stronger than ever in mid-2004. She was not a copy of other magazines and was named The Times of Suriname.

The morning paper Times distinguishes itself by literally reporting on citizen’s concerns. The newspaper has made its characteristic stamp in society; both the older and more serious as well as the younger readership is loyal to her.
Times also has a good distribution system, thus its availability in nine districts quite early in the morning. Consisting of colorful, sensational, short and explicit articles which are bilingual, formed along with a diverse readership, the key elements of the success of Times of Suriname.


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