About us

Rudisa came into existence due to the fact that Mr Sardjoe has a great knowledge of business and knows how to exploit business opportunities. His brilliant business instinct has shaped Rudisa into the company it is today. Mr Sardjoe has the talent to turn the consumer’s demand into a suitable offer and he also knows how to respond to the market demands. His vision for his companies is striving for perfection in the broadest sense of the word. ‘The sky is the limit.’ By investing in knowledge, jobs and the business Rudisa also creates its own market.

Financial stability, labor, production and prices determine  the success of  a company because of the fact that a self-supporting market is created. Therefore Rudisa’s enterprises can be considered as one of the most successful, stable and innovative organizations in the CARICOM. And when it comes to consumer goods Rudisa can supply these in an organized and cost-conscious way.