A history of cleaning innovation

Cif’s arrival in France in 1969 heralded the end of scouring powders. Cif literally became a household name after the famous ‘Skater’ ads, which highlighted how powders can ‘scratch like skates on ice’.

Cif made its debut in the UK & Ireland in 1974 (then known as Jif). The non-scratch formulation revolutionised household care – British homes really took a shine to it!

In 2001, Jif changed its name to Cif, and launched Cif Oxy-Gel – the first multi purpose liquid gel-spray with active oxygen to help lift dirt more effectively.

Nowadays, Cif still has the bestselling cream cleaner in the UK, and has a whole collection of other products designed to make cleaning easy (like the patented Active Shield technology in our Power Creams), which all give you beautiful results.

Key facts

  • Cif changed it’s name in 2001 from Jif
  • Cif used to sponsor Kim and Aggie’s ‘How Clean is Your House’
  • Cif is sold under different names all over the world… In South Africa it’s called Handy Andy!