Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V.

Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V. crossed the Surinamese borders in 2000. Diamond Blue our house brand of water was exported to Curacao in 2005. The company then expanded its ‘wings’ to St Maarten, Curacao, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. The crown on the achievements of the beverage company is the certification of its line of drinks. At the beginning of September 2003, DNV (Den Norshe Veritas) carried out a certification audit at Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V.. The company then received HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) certification. We are also ISO 22000:5000 certified.
Demand for Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V. products has grown exponentially with the addition of exports to the Caribbean and Europe. Rudisa is considering the purchase of existing plants and new plants to expand its production capability.

Here below you will see a few of the brands produced by Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V.:
new_brand15_crisla Brand31_THRILL Brand33_PRO_LIFE Brand34_more Brand35_diamondBleu

Rudisa Beverages & Juices N.V.
Address : P.O. Box: 1648 Ds. Martin Luther Kingweg 8-9 Paramaribo – Suriname (South America)
Contact person : Ms. Warsha S. Torilal-Sardjoe MBA
Telephone : (+597) 488081 / 485727
Fax : (+597) 485629
E-mail :