Suriname Cable and Communication Network N.V.

sccn_big_logoAt the Hofstede Crul’laan no 38-42, there are two media companies operating under the umbrella of Suriname Cable and Communication Network NV, namely SCCN Radio and SCCN TV- Channel 17.
SCCN – as the television station is widely known – is tuned on channel 17, and the Cable receivers on channel 68, while the radio station is tuned on 104.1 FM scale.
SCCN TV and radio are broadcasting throughout the coast aria.

The first radio broadcast took place in 1999 and in the year 2000 the television broadcasts started.

The purpose of both radio and television is to contribute to the relaxation and the formation of the Surinamese youth. This company consists of a fairly young management, who aim for the youth as main target.

SCCN chooses to concentrate their programs mainly on entertaining and sports. For five seasons SCCN was the broadcasting right holder of the Uefa Champions League soccer as well as The Uefa Europe League. For the Euro Championships, SCCN has the Television broadcasting rights till 2016, also for the Miss Universe and Grammy Awards events. NBA basketball and the very popular WWE wrestling entertaining programs are exclusively seen on SCCN TV.

The radio broadcasts contains not only the hottest world and local hits news programs from early in the morning till six pm. The six pm edition of the news broadcast is presented in Sranan tongo (the most spoken dialect in Suriname).
On weekdays SCCN radio starts the working day with a music program, with hits from the seventies and to nineties. Tips and Dips, is a radio program where the listeners can participate in discussing daily common problems, mostly about relationships. Every Monday evening the listeners of SCCN can call in for their favorite tune, in “Sent it over”.

For the rock music fans, SCCN presents every Tuesday evening “Rock Bottom” To top it all off, daily, between 4 pm and 6, the teenagers and the young at heart, are being entertained in the “Hit planet”, with hit music throughout the music world. Every Saturday evening a hit chard is presented. After a well spent week SCCN presents every Sunday morning “Soul Music”. Music to ease the soul. Between 6 am till 10. The early risers on Sunday morning can enjoy a delightful weekly retrospective of Times of Suriname interspersed with music from the 80’s and 90’s.