Waterland Cement Industry N.V.

Waterland Cement Industry In. Was established on January 26th, 2000 and is a cement distribution company. Waterland Cement Industry is a 100% Surinamese company located at Accaribo focusesing on supplying the local market. Cement is an essential commodity when it comes to making concrete.

The cement plant is the biggest supplier of TCL cement to the local construction sector. TCL cement is the producer of cement within the Caricom. Rudisa guarantees that it can supply the local market thanks to the import of TCL cement.

Construction begins with cement. And cement is our speciality. We offer the high-quality cement for all end uses. Cement is essential to housing sector and for the construction of the nation’s infrastructure and utilities.

Waterland Cement Industry N.V.
Address : Dageraadweg 87 Suriname (Zuid Amerika)
Contact person : Mevr. Thakoer –Balesar Soemintra
Telephone : (+597) 484900 / 486563
Fax : (+597) 486563
E-mail : rudisacement@rudisa.net