Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V.

Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V. is tasked with planning long term strategic moves for the company. Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V. focuses its management of on best economic, social and environmental interests as well as the maximization of the shareholders wealth . The Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V. shares the responsibility for the management of the Company; the forming and implementation of its strategy and policies; and the achievement of its objectives and results.

The board expects the directors and coworkers to act ethically and adhere to the Company’s pre-written policy.  Socially sound undertaking is more than just a business gimmick; it is part of who we are.

Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V. companies overseas the optimization of the long term financial return and its responsibilities towards the company’s customers, coworkers, suppliers and the communities. Our presence is felt in the community, in means as philanthropic support but also for environmental support. Rudisa commits itself to contribute sustainable development and to find a balance between economic, social and environmental considerations in our decision making.

Rudisa has the advantage of the different levels of skill, experience, culture, sex and ages so as to better judge and understand our customers locally and globally. With our focus on diversity and integration, we are able to adapt our methods of doing business as the world evolves. We remain driven by the passion for finding solutions to problems and perfecting these solutions.

The executive board of the Rudisa International N.V. consists of 5 members, including the founder/chairman Mrs. H. Tj Sardjoe.

Rudisa encourages:

  • Young talent
  • Dynamic surroundings
  • Continuous learning
  • Freedom to execute new undertakings
Rudisa Holdingmaatschappij N.V.
Address : P.O. Box: 1648 Ds. Martin Luther Kingweg 8-9 Paramaribo – Suriname (South America)
Telephone : (+597) 488081 / 485727
Fax : (+597) 485629
E-mail :