Suriname Hout & Houtverwerking Industrie N.V.

The sawmill started its operations in 1993 with basic machines and only a handful of employees. The initial plan was to provide lumber for internal construction and expansion projects. Given the growing demand, Rudisa decided to supply lumber to the local market. Since the quality of our lumber was evident, we eventually decided to export lumber to foreign markets.

Surinaamse Hout- en Houtverwerking Industrie has one of the most modern sawmills in Suriname and is also the only company in Suriname that is capable of supplying lumber that has been artificially dried. The company does its own logging, milling and produces end products such as floorboards and furniture. Our customers are familiar with our service and guaranteed quality standards.

Suriname Hout & Houtverwerking Industrie N.V.
Address : P.O. Box 1648 Highway km 17 perc. No. 358 Wanica – Suriname (South America)
Telephone : (+597) 0372233
Fax : (+597) 0372233
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