Creative Force

Concerns about employability also reflect problems associated with the changing technological demands on the skills and capabilities of workers, as greater importance is attached to individual initiative, social skills and creative abilities. More knowledge workers means it’s more important to get great talent, since the differential value created by the most talented knowledge workers is enormous. The creative force of knowledge-driven businesses cannot be sustained through cloning, as all employees must add value to the financial ‘bottom line’.


Mr. Isfahany Nagessersing – Director Suriname Cable and Communication Network N.V.
Seven years ago Nagessersing started working as editor at the Sports News Department of Times of Suriname. The switchover to SCCN happened four years ago.

I am a media man. Everything that concerns the media is part of my life.
It is my hobby.

His most important undertaking was to transform SCCN into a modern medium that ‘appeals to’ the listeners/ viewers and advertisers. He was successful given the fact that SCCN has one of the highest ratings in Suriname. SCCN Radio and TV still aim at reaching more living-rooms on day at a time.

Suriname Cable and Communication Network N.V.