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Mr. Earl Amsdorf – Parts & Purchase Manager
Rudisa is one leading company with top products and activities in various CARICOM countries. The company has expanded quickly over the past couple of years and distinguishes itself through focus on the client; service and product innovation; and the ambition to not only be the biggest but also to be the most outstanding company.

Parts & Purchase manager is a challenging position on strategic/tactical level. A high level of independence and pro-active performance is expected from the Parts & Purchase manager.

As Purchasing Manager, Earl Amsdorf actively steers towards the purchasing activities. He formulates the capacity planning and gives hands-on advice regarding the developments in the field and the link to the various departments. He is also Rudisa’s Commodity Buyer which is an important role in exploring international supplier markets, the annual negotiations with group suppliers and suggesting and actualizing strategic savings on purchases.

It is a challenge to get maximum benefit out of the purchase of equipments,
base materials and services in the area of price, supplier dependability and in particular quality.

We strife towards getting the supplier involved in our developmental processes as early as possible to achieve the best solution. In my line of work I want to make myself superfluous so to speak. Everything must be taken care of so that things can run smoothly.”